Big Daddy slims down

By James Addis

Some stories are lovely to write and have a way of sticking in your mind. So it was a delight when I heard about Mike Weaver, front man for the rock band Big Daddy Weave, and his “90in09” campaign. I wrote about Mike in our Summer 2008 issue, shortly after the band had visited sponsored children in Ecuador.

Miike Weaver in Ecuador in 2007. (Jim Scherer)

Miike Weaver in Ecuador in 2007. (Jim Scherer)

We got talking about how the band had developed a passion for the plight of impoverished children, but Mike said he was at first terrified about talking about it from the stage, given his size. He then weighed something in excess of 300 pounds and he thought he would get a chorus of smart-aleck remarks from the audience. It’s a fear most people would not be willing to fess up to a personal friend, let alone share with a magazine with a readership of more than 500,000. In the event, Mike said it had actually been a positive experience for his audience—reinforcing the point God can use even the most unlikely candidates to do his work. “If God is using guys like you, man, he must be taking résumés,” was Mike’s take on the general reaction.

Well, it looks as though while God does put the most unlikely prospects to work, he is also into a bit of “professional development.” Mike is now persuaded that the temple body the good Lord has given him needs to be looked after a whole lot better. Hence, 90in09—an effort to lose 90 pounds in 2009 and encourage others who are on a similar quest. He’s been doing a fairly regular video blog on the subject, in his own frank, affable style. It’s well worth a look. You just can’t help willing the dude, as he would say, to succeed. He is looking a lot sleeker in the videos than he did in the picture we used for the magazine, but he’s still got another 50-odd pounds to lose.

Mike, we are rooting for you.


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