You are not alone

Naomi recording in the World Vision studio. (Kyle Vermeulen/WV)

A Seattle singer/songwriter named Naomi Wachira (she’s originally from Kenya), wrote this song after watching news coverage about the Haiti earthquake. She recorded it here at our Federal Way, Wash., headquarters, and our video colleagues put it together with photos and footage our team is getting from the scene.

If you like what you hear (and we do!) check out more of Naomi’s music.

Enjoy, and share!



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10 responses to “You are not alone

  1. Terry Morgan

    AWESOME, AWESOME song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Clare Scott

    What a fantastic song, Naomi. Says just what needs to be said. Thanks so much for using your amazing talent for the people of Haiti.

  3. ann lyons

    how can I get a copy of this on DVD

  4. Beautiful song,soothing voice and great acoustic. Rock on girl you got it all.

  5. Ryan Smith

    Ann, I’ll ask about getting the DVD for you on Monday, and I’ll email you what I find out.

  6. Eunha Kim

    Amazing song! Is she a World Vision sponsor?

  7. Samantha

    Hi Ryan, can I have the song too? I’m from Singapore and we’re trying to do a charity event for Haiti too this month, will see if I can use the song anywhere 🙂 Appreciate it! My heart just melted when she started singing.

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