Magazine helps Haiti

By Ryan Smith, Associate Editor for World Vision magazine

In the midst of all the stories and photos of the destruction and devastation in Haiti, it’s nice to get some good news. One of my favorite magazines, RELEVANT, just announced that half of every new subscription will be donated to World Vision’s relief efforts in Haiti.

RELEVANT's Jan/Feb 2010 issue

If I may indulge for a moment, RELEVANT magazine is one of the biggest influences on my career. When I was in college, it was the one magazine I subscribed to. Whenever it arrived in the mail, no matter the homework load, I sat down and read through it for about an hour. I was completely captivated by the design, stories, and tone (yes, even when it’s a bit snarky). I loved that the editors found a way to put together stories about rock stars and developing countries and movies and questions of faith—and somehow it all works together.

Those magazines opened my eyes to what a magazine can be, both in style and substance, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

As I’ve been at World Vision magazine for the past three years and learning about the many issues facing the developing world, it’s been interesting to see RELEVANT follow the same path. They recently launched a digital magazine and website Reject Apathy, which focuses on ways that readers can make the world a better place.

Check out the video below, from Cameron Strang, RELEVANT’s publisher, talking about the decision to donate subscription revenue to World Vision, despite the financial challenge.

Sign up for RELEVANT now, and half of your $15 subscription will go to World Vision’s relief efforts in Haiti.

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6 responses to “Magazine helps Haiti

  1. TageReuther

    Hey Well, my name is Tage and I live in a small town called Lily Dale. I have a great idea for the rebuilding of Haiti. The start of something new and amazing. As we the people rebuild Haiti, it will be the start of a “Green Revolution” or an eco-friendly place. Solar panels, planting of tons of trees, and making things out of recycled materials. This will be the start of the building of a healthy planet. Yes, this will be a slow start but soon I think it will pick up around the world and everywhere will have energy efficient materials and objects will run on natural- power sources.

    • Ryan Smith

      Great ideas, Tage. Rebuilding is a long and complicated process, and we do want to make it as sustainable as possible.

      If there was one thing we should focus on to make rebuilding Haiti more green, what do you think it should be?

      • TageReuther

        Thank you and, well, yes there’s tons of things we could make green there. Since it’s always sunny down there, we could start off with solar panels for all of the buildings. You could also use solar panel arrays to generate electricity.

  2. TageReuther

    I just want to spread this word to make Haiti green. If this could spread to the telephone donations then more people would call for this idea

  3. Sarah

    Thanks for posting this, Ryan. James Pendrick, World Vision, was published on Reject Apathy. You can read his article here:

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