Pray this month for Haiti

Haiti earthquake

World Vision U.S. President Rich Stearns (right) joined hospital staff in Port-au-Prince as they prayed at the hour of the quake one week later. (Jon Warren/WV)

Is Haiti still on your mind? It is for us. James Addis is back home, thankfully, but our prayers continue for the devastated country, especially children in dire need. Our colleagues have come up with a way to devote this month to praying for Haiti’s children, focusing each day of the week on a specific request. Will you join us?

Mondays: Food and water. Many children in Haiti were already malnourished before the earthquake. The impact of further malnutrition, especially on children under age 2, can do permanent damage to their physical and brain development. Pray that deliveries of food and water reach children, that secure distribution channels be established for the ongoing relief effort, and for sustainable clean water and agriculture projects to flourish.

Haiti earthquake

Believers at the Park Accra camp for displaced quake victims hold a church service. (Jon Warren/WV)

Tuesdays: Injury recovery and health. Disasters make children particularly vulnerable to diarrheal diseases and respiratory infections. Many will also require ongoing health services to recover from injuries. Pray for medical supplies and health care to reach these children.

Wednesdays: Homelessness. Streets are increasingly unsafe places for children to be, yet without schools and homes, many have no safe places in which to take refuge. Pray for homeless children to find temporary shelter and for homes to be re-established.

Thursdays: Families’ livelihoods. Many families have lost their jobs, small businesses and other means of income because of the earthquake. Pray for struggling families: that they may find and develop new sources of income to provide for their children.

Fridays: For children’s voice to be heard in recovery. The children of Haiti bear a heavy weight from their country’s problems as well as earthquake losses. Families, teachers and officials can create forums where children can share their concerns and learn about their rights. Pray that communities will foster this and that leaders will listen to children’s needs and work with them towards developing solutions.

Haiti earthquake

Resilient children at a homeless camp craft kites out of plastic bags and play. (Jon Warren/WV)

Saturdays: Comfort and healing. The horror of surviving a disaster, seeing bodies in the streets, lacking basic necessities and—for some—being separated from parents, takes more than a physical toll. Pray for the emotional and psychological restoration of children affected by this disaster.

Sundays: Safety and protection. Children without adult caregivers become vulnerable to abuse, neglect and exploitation—especially following disasters. Pray for the reuniting of children with their families, the proper care for orphans, and for the protection of children from harm.


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