Spring has sprung

By Jane Sutton-Redner

This irresistible Rwandan child appears on page 21 of the Spring 2010 magazine. (Jon Warren/WV)

We’re slowly reverting to business-as-usual around here instead of Haiti 24/7. We’ll still post content now and again from our communications team in Port-au-Prince, but there are routine matters to attend to, like the Spring magazine fresh off the press.

This cutie was a cover possibility. (Jon Warren/WV)

This issue goes deep into child sponsorship, showing and telling what happens in a brand-new sponsorship project in Burundi. Writer Kari Costanza describes Burundi’s context: ethnic strife, displaced families, weak governance, and deep poverty—a lot to overcome. But get about 1,000 caring U.S. sponsors involved, and that just might be a game-changer. We’ve already seen this happen in Rwanda, just across the border from Burundi and sharing a similar horrid history. Sponsors’ investment there has complemented the efforts of Rwanda’s government to forge a future of progress and national unity—and it’s working. Burundi may have more of an uphill climb, but its people are ready for positive change.

Don’t miss Kari’s blogs about her assignment with Jon Warren in Burundi and Rwanda—starting with an airline strike that stranded them overnight in Nairobi, Kenya.

Jon Warren makes friends in Haiti. (Paula Saez/WV)

Speaking of unforeseen events, this issue was just about to go on press when the 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Haiti. In a mad rush, we put James Addis on a plane that same night. A few days later, Jon Warren was deployed. Meanwhile, we considered what to do with the magazine. One option was to delay printing and rush to add a feature or section on Haiti. It’s never easy to predict even a few days ahead during an unfolding crisis, and without a clear picture of what James and Jon would contend with on the ground (logistics, access, connectivity), we decided to go forward with the issue, adding a small Haiti article on page 7. The good news is, much of James’ and Jon’s fine work was captured here, and more will come in the Summer magazine (mailing in early May).

Belly-laughing boy in China. (WV staff)

Also, starting with this issue, we are posting full articles from the current issue on the “Content” tab above. It’s pretty much the whole magazine, less the gorgeous design, but for that you can download the PDF.

Happy reading … and don’t be shy to tell us what you think!



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2 responses to “Spring has sprung

  1. I love the photo of the boy in the plaid cap above. How would I go about getting permission to use it in our church’s mission materials? It would be used specifically for a poster promoting mission opportunities to members of our church, and would be only displayed inside our church. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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