Bible brings joy

By Jane Sutton-Redner, Editor-in-Chief
Swaziland Bible

Qondile Ndzabandzaba, 11, proudly displays the Bible she received from World Vision. (Zanele Dlamini/WV)

In the Spring magazine, there’s a story about an Armenian girl who received a Bible from her U.S. sponsor. Worldwide, about 75,000 children benefited from this meaningful gift—perhaps including your sponsored child?

In Swaziland, a country a bit smaller than New Jersey, sponsors were particularly faithful. In one project area alone, more than 4,000 children received Bibles. Among them: 11-year-old Qondile Ndzabandzaba, a seventh-grader and aspiring nurse who attends church at Apostolic Faith Ministries.

“This is the best gift ever,” she said when World Vision staff gave her the Bible from her sponsor. Qondile wondered how they knew that she has been longing for one. She had asked her parents to buy her a Bible when they had the money.

“Now I am able to read it anytime I want to. Even in church, I no longer bother people to share their Bibles with me. Before I sleep, I read it, and my mother will then use it afterward,” she said. Her favorite verse is Psalms 1:1, which has influenced her to choose good friends.

I’ve never in my life lacked for a Bible, so it’s touching to read about the impact of this gift. Thank you to all who provided Bibles for sponsored children—this will bless them for years to come.

And thanks to my World Vision colleague in Swaziland, Zanele Faith Dlamini, for reporting on this story!


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