Summer cover preview

By Jane Sutton-Redner, Editor-in-Chief

World Vision magazine

The Summer magazine is on press this week, and if you’re on our mailing list, you will see it in your mailbox the week of April 26. Look for these two adorable kids from Mexico smiling out at you.

World Vision magazine

Lupita cover option

This cover wasn’t a tough choice. Jon Warren provided many appealing images of the children in the family featured in the article about microfinance in Mexico. These are some seriously photogenic kids—the older sister, Indra, has a quiet beauty; the youngest son, Christofer, had an irrepressible smile; and the youngest girl, Lupita, delighted in posing for the camera.

Although we liked the photos of Lupita or Indra alone, our previous two covers featured solo children, tightly focused on the child’s face. We wanted a bit of variety. The image of Lupita and Christofer in a doorway worked on several levels; Lupita’s outstretched arms and the door frame provided nice angles, and the dark negative space allowed the kids’ faces to pop. What really sold me was the cross hanging around Christofer’s neck, just visible below Lupita’s arm—an appropriate detail for this Catholic family, and an organic way to include this symbol of faith on our cover.

World Vision magazine

Indra cover option

There were a few challenging additions to this cover. First, we’ve been running a special identifier for World Vision’s 60th anniversary on every issue this year. We also wanted to promote a special section on Haiti in an attention-grabbing way. How to add these elements, plus cover titles, and not clutter up the image? We left it in Journey Group’s capable hands, and as usual, they delivered.

That’s what I think. What about you? Do you like our cover choice?



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2 responses to “Summer cover preview

  1. Lisa H.

    Of course! Your covers always rock. Great image choice! : )

  2. Well, that’s a definite advantage the Web has over print. When I make mistakes on the Web, I just fix them quick, then pretend like they never happened!

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