Más Mexico

San Mateo, Mexico. (Jon Warren/WV)

Carpooling. (Jon Warren/WV)

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, enjoy these extras relating to the Summer cover story, “Taking Flight,” including some outtakes from Jon Warren’s photography depicting scenes of life in San Mateo, Mexico:

Women in traditional dress. (Jon Warren/WV)

Children enjoy a playground near World Vision's office. (Jon Warren/WV)

Find out more about Michoacán, the state in which the story takes place.

Or read up on monarch butterflies, which migrate to Mexico. Don’t miss this amazing video about their extraordinary journey south from places as far north as Canada:

The thrust of our story, of course, is microfinance, which empowers the working poor with loans and training, helping them lift themselves out of poverty. World Vision’s Micro site can connect you in a personal way to one of these developing-world entrepreneurs. Watch a video to find out how microfinance works.

If you’re already helping a family through Micro, tell us about it!


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