Honoring our mother

Lorraine Pierce in 2004. (Greg Schneider/Genesis Photos)

By Jane Sutton-Redner

Today, I’d like to take the opportunity to honor a special woman, Lorraine Pierce.

We call her “World Vision’s birth mother.” She was there at the beginning when her husband, Bob Pierce, founded the organization. Like many moms, she stayed in the background as we grew. She sacrificed, often putting the ministry’s needs before her own. She has always offered sage words of advice, when asked. And she has prayed for us constantly over six decades—millions of prayers, I imagine.

I’ve had the privilege to spend time with Mrs. Pierce. When I first met her in 2002, I went to Arcadia, Calif., where she was still living in the home she and Bob purchased in the 1950s. I grew up in Arcadia, and while I accompanied her around town, I realized our paths must have crossed in the past. She pointed out a restaurant where her daughter Robin had been a waitress, and she said that she sometimes would cure her evening loneliness by sitting at the counter, drinking coffee and watching Robin work. It was a restaurant my family also frequented. Did I ever see her, the elegant lady with the beautifully styled hair? I wish I’d known that I was in the presence of such a godly woman.

Bob and Lorraine Pierce in the early days of World Vision. (WV Archive)

Man of Vision, the compelling book by Pierce daughter Marilee Dunker, shares in detail the heartaches World Vision’s early years brought Mrs. Pierce. It would be understandable if she harbored some bitterness toward the organization. But she doesn’t, because she believes that World Vision is God’s endeavor. And as someone who has loved the Lord her whole long life, she will not doubt anything that is of God.

Her clarity of vision inspires me and deepens my commitment to this ministry. I thank her for taking this journey with us, now 60 years long.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mrs. Pierce.


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One response to “Honoring our mother

  1. Joy Smith

    Could you pass along my comments to Mrs. Pierce? I just finished Man Of Vision today and am still struck by all the pain she endured. My prayer is that she is seeing some of the rewards her faithfulness deserves and has peace about all the past struggles. I guess I’m asking if this has happened. She and her family gave so much. Please thank her.

    Love in Jesus,
    Joy Smith

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