Class acts for Haiti

by Ryan Smith, Associate Editor

kids help Haiti

The class with a check for mothers' groups in Haiti. (Courtesy Kara Scheid)

One of the best parts of being an editor for World Vision magazine is hearing stories about children helping children. Maybe it’s just my overly sentimental side, but I can’t help but smile when we get letters like the one we recently received from Kara Scheid, a fourth-grade teacher. Her class was concerned about the survivors of the earthquake in Haiti and decided to do something about it.

Here’s the note that Eva Aragó, Katherine Brinkman, Anna duSaire, and Olivia Gredler, four students in the class, wrote:

We’re a class of 27 students from Park Spanish Immersion School in St. Louis Park, MN. As a class we decided to raise money because of the destruction and poverty in Haiti. We reached our goal of over 1,000 dollars. A student’s mom volunteered to help us make buttons that we sold. Some students donated their Christmas or birthday money, and money they earned by having sales, helping neighbors, and allowance. On April 22 our former principal came and talked to us about when she lived in Haiti. At the time, her husband was also helping in Haiti and he sent us photos. She gave some suggestions on where to donate our money. A few days later, we voted on World Vision because we were interested in the mothers’ groups.

We loved being able to help Haiti.

A mothers' group in Haiti. (Katie Chalk/WV)

Thanks so much! I hope everyone in the class has a strong finish to the school year and a fun summer ahead.

Do you know any kids that are doing extraordinary things for Haiti? Let us know in the comments below.


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