We’ve moved!

Hello friendly readers!

This is an announcement to tell you that World Vision magazine’s blog has moved.

You can now find us at worldvisionmagazine.org.

Now you can find all of our stories from the print edition of the magazine at worldvisionmagazine.org/stories.

And if you want just the blog posts, head over to worldvisionmagazine.org/blog. And the new RSS feed is here.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting us in the last year. We’re excited about the new site, and we hope you check it out.



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2 responses to “We’ve moved!

  1. Jan Fitzsimons

    I am very interested in something my sponsored child, Baraza Yarakori said in this last letter. He hoped to become a “pastor.” Can someone follow-up and determine if he can be eligible to receive the necessary training? Does he have a Bible in Swahili? Does he have practical training to support a family, as well?

    Please answer my questions. It is time for him to find his path as a young man. He is beyond sending crayons, pencils and toiletries, etc. Do you have suggestions? Thanks for reading! God bless your work!

  2. Barry McIntosh

    Hi James Addis
    We enjoyed your company when you spent time in Whangarei a few years ago. Have often thought of you and would be pleased if you could be in touch with us again

    God bless you in the task He has given you to do

    Barry McIntosh

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