CURRENT ISSUE: Summer 2010

World Vision magazine

Taking Flight: In a Mexican state famous for migrating butterflies, microfinance and child sponsorship help families realize their dreams. Read

Treading New Ground: Through World Vision’s Youth Empowerment Project, a young woman is becoming the change she longs for in her Seattle community. Read

Heroes of Haiti: Reporter James Addis was on the ground immediately following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and he found inspiration from a number of unlikely heroes. Read

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Spring 2010

Burundi: Between Hardship and Hope. For the first time, World Vision sponsors in the United States can reach out to children in a little-known African country overcoming a violent past. Read

Rwanda: A Difference in a Decade. A World Vision worker testifies to the role child sponsorship has played in Rwanda’s recovery from the genocide. Read

Sponsorship by the Numbers. An interactive map showing where sponsors from all 50 states are doing a world of good. See the map

Also in this issue:

4 responses to “Content

  1. John Cordasci

    I wish I could find the pictures of 4-year-old Chen Shengfa (Spring 2010) on your website. I’d love to be able to use them as the desktop photo on my computer. As it is, I pulled that page off the back of the magazine and taped it to the wall in my room. It’s true… laughter is the best medicine. It makes me laugh and brings joy to my heart every time I look at his pictures.

    Thank you, World Vision, for the work you’re doing around the world.

  2. Jane Sutton-Redner

    Hi John, we’ll email you and figure out how we can help you with that. It’s a fun set of photos, isn’t it?

  3. lachisagadisa

    i would like to encourage your good work&you have a great payment from god,carry on.

  4. Hi, is it possible to get a hi-res image that Jon Warren took from an Ethiopian trip taken May, 2009?

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