How to Make a Child Smile

Abduraman Yasin, 8, a sponsored boy in Ethiopia. (Paul Bettings/WV)

Eight-year-old Abduraman Yasin in Ethiopia enrolled in school for the first time this year after becoming a World Vision sponsored child. Abduraman loves school—even the homework. What else might delight a sponsored child? Maybe a letter from you. The letters you send may be the only mail your sponsored child ever receives, and they’re often treasured for years. Some tips on writing grin-inducing letters:

Be sensitive: Don’t talk about your material possessions.

Be curious: Ask about your child’s country and customs.

Be supportive: Express delight in your child’s interests and achievements.

Be prayerful: If your child lives in a country where Christianity is welcomed, tell your child you are praying for him or her. Regardless, remember to pray for your child.     

Be playful: Decorate your letters with colored pens and stickers.

>>For more information on communicating with your sponsored child, visit

One response to “How to Make a Child Smile

  1. Gil Anthony

    Gil, we have enjoyed sponsoring you. We wish you the best luck in your future life.

    Flay and Jennie Carpenter

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