Message of Hope

Liana Aghajanya writes a thank-you letter to her sponsor. (Armenuhi Sahakyan/WV)

Liana Aghajanyan, 12, faithfully attends Sunday school every week, but it was only recently that she received a Bible of her own. That’s because her sponsor, Lori Moore, a former nurse from Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., responded to a “Send a Bible to Your Sponsored Child” appeal from World Vision.

Child sponsors were invited to donate an age- and language-appropriate Bible for their sponsored child. About 75,000 people responded, many providing extra money for Christian children’s programs—all together giving about $2 million.

Liana comes from Tavush, one of the poorest parts of Armenia. Farmers lack access to irrigation and fertilizers. Yields are low, and malnutrition is common. World Vision is working to improve health, education, and agriculture in the region.

One of Liana’s favorite Bible stories is when Jesus multiplies the bread and fish to feed the 5,000. “I pray always to have bread for me and my family. And I know that my prayers will not be in vain,” she says.

Liana has received toys and cards from her sponsor, but she says the Bible is the best present of all.

Lori Moore says it was a joy to be able to give Liana a Bible, because it conveys a message of hope for children. “The message is that the Lord loves them, that they are all precious to him—no matter what circumstance or country they are born in,” she says.

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