Why I Love Being a Child Sponsor

By Beatty Collins, Sarasota, Fla. 

(Michael Spooneybarger/Genesis Photos)

When I receive a letter from one of my sponsored kids, it’s a special day. There’s often a little drawing enclosed, and it immediately goes up on the refrigerator. I can hardly wait to write back.

What do they write? One child from Nicaragua is so thankful that she addresses me as “Don.” It’s an honorific usually reserved for esteemed people and a title that I definitely don’t deserve. She signs her letter “Tu amiguita” (your little friend), and she is a friend, indeed.

Occasionally, we have donated a few extra dollars for “our” kids. One child was able to buy a bed—the first bed she ever had. Another replaced the thatched roof on her house with a tin roof. Another family built an outhouse. What we give is so little compared to how very much it means to those receiving it. Scripture says, “It is more blessed to give…” How true, how true!

Tell us your story. Why do you love being a child sponsor? Write the editors at wvmagazine@worldvision.org.

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