World Watch: Asia Disasters

Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia »

World Vision Philippines typhoon

Philippines (David Liban/WV)

Typhoons Ketsana and Parma lashed the Philippines, bringing torrential rains and 60-mile-per-hour winds. The storms caused landslides and widespread flooding in dozens of northern provinces. Ketsana also struck Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, submerging hundreds of thousands of homes in floodwater.

People impacted » 9 million

Death toll » More than 1,000

First response » World Vision distributed food, shelter materials, and hygiene kits to more than 160,000 people, using a helicopter to reach areas inaccessible by road. The organization also cared for thousands of children in Child-Friendly Spaces.

Long-term response » World Vision implemented cash-for-work programs whereby residents could earn much-needed income for clearing roads, removing debris, and de-clogging drains. World Vision also distributed agricultural tools and started projects to help subsistence farmers recover their crops.

India »

 World Vision India

India (World Vision Staff)

A massive downpour in the southern states caused widespread flooding, destroyed about 200,000 homes, and forced hundreds of thousands of residents to flee.

People impacted » 20 million

Death toll » About 300

First response » World Vision began distribution of food, clothes, bed mats, and shelter materials to 25,000 families.

Long-term response » World Vision is assisting people in finding safe shelter and has implemented cash-for-work programs to speed cleanup operations and stimulate the local economy.

Samoa »

World Vision Samoa

Samoa (Laura Reinhardt/WV)

An 8.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami slammed into the Samoan Islands, burying parts of them under a sea of mud and debris. Affected areas included the independent nation of Samoa and the U.S. territory of American Samoa.

People impacted » 15,000

Death toll » More than 160

First response » World Vision distributed bedding and hygiene items to affected families as well as backpacks filled with school supplies for children.

Long-term response » World Vision will partner locally to rebuild homes in hard-hit areas.

Indonesia »

World Vision Indonesia

Indonesia (Madeline Wilson/WV)

Two major earthquakes measuring 7.3 and 7.9 struck West Java and West Sumatra, burying thousands under collapsed buildings. Power supplies and roads were cut off. Survivors stacked corpses outside hospitals.

People impacted » 1.25 million

Death toll » More than 1,200

First response » World Vision distributed more than 10,000 family kits containing blankets, sleeping mats, tarpaulins, and hygiene items; set up portable toilets and provided clean water for those living in temporary shelters; and it established Child- Friendly Spaces for affected children.

Long-term response » World Vision is establishing 20 temporary schools so children can resume their education and teaching communities how to protect themselves against disasters.

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