Why I Love Being a Child Sponsor

By Carla Rutz, Redmond, Wash.

World Vision sponsor

(Abby Metty/World Vision)

When I looked into my newborn granddaughter’s eyes, I knew she was among the truly blessed. She had the love of two committed parents, the devotion of many family members, and a social and economic status that would serve her well.

How could I show her I loved her and cared for her future? Should I compete with other family members for the best toys or the cutest clothes? Aha! I would help someone in need in her name. Eventually she could join me in supporting this cause. I sat down to do my Googling and discovered World Vision. I searched for another special little girl and decided she should have the same birthday. The result was our sponsored child—another bright-eyed baby.

My granddaughter is now 5, as is our sponsored child. My granddaughter and I shop for her together, and she is coming to realize, as much as any child can, that there are many in need in the world. We bought a small “Dora the Explorer” doll for our sponsored friend, and my granddaughter immediately went and got her own doll’s comb so she could send it along as well. I was a pretty proud grandmother.

Now I look at my blessed granddaughter and see compassion, generosity, and social responsibility developing. What greater gift!

Tell us your story. Why do you love being a child sponsor?

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